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Elegant apartments within Metropolis are surrounded by diverse shops, cafes and bars which heighten the urban village atmosphere.

Some years ago a group of people started discussing the concept of modern life. They spoke about international cities, of its buildings and of the service. Soon, a strategic parcel of land became available in the heart of Auckland city.

Developers, architects, lawyers, designers, agents and financiers exchanged phone calls and faxes. Meetings were held, handshakes were made and contracts confirmed. And, as the ink of the signatures dried and champagne popped, the concept began which we now know as “Metropolis”. It was a dream come true for Mr. Andrew Krukziener, the Governing director of Krukziener Properties to whom the credit of developing the Metropolis goes to.

In its true post-modern style, Metropolis is a distillation of the very best styles and philosophies of the 21st century. As an architectural statement it conjures the significance, style and grandeur of metropolitan Manhattan, Chicago and Washington.

The living and business spaces at Metropolis offer more than structure. They create a feeling of timelessness and of splendour. Elegant apartments within Metropolis fuel the true excitement of inner city-living, surrounded by diverse shops, cafes and bars that heighten the urban village atmosphere.

No other residential building in Auckland enjoys such a diversity of surroundings and atmosphere. Metropolis is in the centre of the shopping and entertainment areas and at the heart of the Central Business District of Auckland.

The building contains two stylish entrances at level three through the magnificent former magistrate courthouse turned lobby and at level two through the residents lobby with close proximity to the excitement of the High street shopping precinct.

Metropolis is truly one of a kind where residents can enjoy the luxury of 5 Star qualities only available in the world’s finest cities.

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