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Metropolis is truly one of a kind where residents can enjoy the luxury of 5 Star qualities only available in the world’s finest cities.

Security & Rules

A strong security system has been implemented for safety purposes within Metropolis. Closed Circuit Cameras are mounted in public areas and are being monitored 24 hours a day by experienced and well qualified security officers. 


Door Access Cards:

The programmed Access Key Card will provide access to:

  • Main Lobby at Level 3 towards 40 Kitchener Street through the former Magistrate Courthouse.
  • Resident’s entrance at Level 2 via the lobby at 1 Courthouse Lane.
  • Car Park Levels 4 to 6 (provided you own a car space).
  • Health and Fitness Centre at Level 8.

The cards can be obtained from security at reception. The cost is $20.00 (inclusive GST) each. In the interests of maintaining a high level of security at Metropolis, cards are only issued to apartment owners. It is up to the owners to keep track of the cards and issue them to managing agents or tenants.

The only time security will issue a card direct to a tenant or agent is when the owner has first provided written consent. For security reasons each card has validity for one year for apartment owners but only 6 months for tenants. Once the card has expired, it can be brought to reception where the security officer or the manager on duty will extend the validity period on presenting photo identification - preferably a Passport or Driving Licence is required.

The card also provides car park access.  It is IMPORTANT to remember that the same card must to be used to enter first and then to exit from the car park on a sequential basis.  Otherwise the card will not work.

The cards provide access to your private property. Under no circumstances should you give your card to any stranger and please DO NOT leave your card at reception for your friends or relatives to collect.

In case of lockout from your apartment the security officer or duty manager can provide you with access to your apartment provided a valid photo identification and satisfactory personal details are provided.

Only the respective owner of an apartment may request an additional proxy card for an apartment. The appropriate form must be filled in, signed and presented to reception staff. Photo identification will be required. The form to request additional proxy access cards can be downloaded from the ‘Download’ section of this website or obtained from reception staff.


All residents who wish to move-in or move out of Metropolis must only use the Loading Dock and Service Lobby Elevator for shifting any sort of furniture, no matter how big or small.

The loading dock entrance is at 42 High Street.

Residents must obtain permission to use the Loading Dock.  Contact either the Security Officer or Duty Manager to arrange a suitable time, well in advance.

Any resident moving in must fill in and sign a Personal Information Form which can either be downloaded from the ‘Download’ section of this website or obtained from reception staff. This form serves to identify you in case of any emergency situations, lock-outs from your apartments or mail and courier delivery purposes for example.

Maintenance Issues:

All maintenance issues must be brought to attention of the Duty Manager who will take the necessary action.

A Maintenance Request Form must be filled in and signed by the owner or authorised Real Estate Agent of the respective apartment with credit card details for payment. The maintenance request will be forwarded to the appropriate technician by the Duty Manager.

The Form can either be downloaded from the ‘Download’ section of this website or obtained from reception staff.

No Party Policy:

As a resident of Metropolis we value your amenities and privacy and seek to ensure that you enjoy a safe and calm atmosphere at all the times.

All residents and guests at Metropolis must strictly adhere to the NO PARTY POLICY set by Body Corporate. Residents may contact Security with any noise complaints.


Any resident expecting a visitor must come downstairs either to the Resident’s Lobby or the Main Lobby to meet and greet their guests and escort them to their respective apartment. For security reasons, reception staff do NOT have the authority to grant access to visitors to any levels.

Visitors must not cause any inconvenience or disturbance to other residents or damage to any property at Metropolis.


All day-to-day deliveries including grocery deliveries must be carried out via the Loading Dock. Delivery personnel need to be notified accordingly. Please note that the height of delivery vehicles cannot exceed 3.6 metres.

All deliveries must be made via the loading dock on High Street, with the exception of small courier packages, flowers etc which can be left at the front reception.

Car parks:

The Body Corporate rules provide that parking spaces cannot be used for any purpose other than vehicle parking. This rule will be enforced. Anyone storing possessions or trade materials in a parking space will need to make alternative arrangements.

Any resident who finds a car wrongly parked in their parking space must call a towing company. A Security Officer will assist, but is not able to arrange the tow of the car for you. Contact details of the towing company can be provided.

Smoke Detector Activation:

All the residents of Metropolis must carry out adequate safety procedures to prevent hazards. Every apartment is equipped with a fully functional kitchen with smoke detectors, so:

  • while cooking always use the range hood as excess smoke will activate the smoke detectors;
  • do not smoke cigarettes in the room;
  • please note that the kettles are electric, DO NOT place the kettle directly onto the hob;
  • if a food item does burn, open the windows and/or the sliding doors immediately and turn the air conditioning on to full;
  • do not open the front door to help dispel the smoke, as this will only succeed in activating the corridor smoke detectors.

A Fire Alarm Mimic Panel has been installed within the Duty Manager’s office. It is activated immediately as smoke is detected in any of the apartments and public areas. On activation of the smoke alarm the respective apartment will be checked by the Security Officer.

Please inform reception of any potential hazard.

It is of utmost importance for all the residents to know the Assembly Points in case of Fire Evacuation. More information is available in the Download section of this website regarding the steps to be followed during fire evacuations.

Protocol for Real Estate Agents and Property Management:

  • All Real Estate Agents and Property Managers must use the Residents Lobby for Open Homes.
  • No Signage is to be erected in the Main Lobby or in the Resident's Lobby.

It is also important for new residents to introduce themselves to staff and to fill in a Personal Information Form which can be obtained from front reception.

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